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Works 100% of the time 😉 Good luck! I agree entirely with you about everything you said about the gameplay mechanics with regards to houses, price adjustment, spouses, etc, and I am amazed that most of that was never I did them just fine on my gold account. The boy grows up to become a hero, and the player may choose if he is a good or evil character. http://win8s.com/fable-2/fable-2-dlc-not-working.html

But I was unable to interact with them. Metacritic. Pro-G Media Ltd. The strange thing is though, it allows me to and appears to be saving between bouts.

Fable 2 Xbox Experience

Ultimately the people of Albion revolted against the Guild and destroyed it. my white old console was out of warranty she told me but because its old version and this specific motherboard wasn't made for new dash board I'm getting a free repair Retrieved 27 May 2009. ^ "Joystiq". Fable 2 is the most bugged game, I have ever played on xbox. (I found 50 silver keys, but in inventory I have only 45) (1st teddy bear in coloseum cannot

In the game guide, Art Director John McCormack reveals that it is the same Theresa in both games: "We used a few hooks and links to the original Fable in the Increasing the Skill stat will make the Hero taller. Afterwards, it is set in a new town, unseen in the Fable games, called Southcliff. Fable 2 Website The most common causes of this issue are: Using a script or add-on that scans GameFAQs for box and screen images, overloading our search engine Running a "scraper" or "downloader" program

The jobs become available depending on how much renown the player has and story progression. Fable 2 A Hero's Tale Game waffle quiz07-22-2010, 11:42 AMso you can still get 1000 gs but u have to rely on others. foamy199307-07-2010, 12:28 AMWhen I tried to do it nothing would happen does it not work anymore. OleMissRebel1007-14-2010, 02:46 AMThis is correct.

I had to use Safari as Firefox didn't load the page AT ALL :( And IE kept crashing. Video diaries[edit] On 24 May 2007, episode one of The Lionhead Diaries, examining the love and emotion aspect of Fable II was released.[14] On 30 July 2007, episode two was released, Did you have any issues with Fable 2? Retrieved 21 January 2014. ^ "PETA Loves Fable II".

  1. CaptCrunchPants07-15-2010, 11:58 PMOMG just started reading this.
  2. To fix this, draw the pistol, then sheath it again.
  3. It is not known what caused this bug to occur.
  4. It is really a shame.
  5. If you wish to be unblocked, you must agree that you will take immediate steps to rectify this issue.
  6. A patch was released in January of 2009 that fixed most of the bugs listed above. (It is unknown whether the bed bug or the elevation bug still remain).
  7. So, there was no way to test if one of these was the deciding factor.
  8. This has happened with Madden 2009, GTA IV, NBA 2k9, and a few others.
  9. http://lionhead.com/Fable/FableII/Experience.aspx Visit that link, login with the live ID and you will get all the bonus items.

Fable 2 A Hero's Tale Game

This renders the Apologize expression unusable, as it appears only on the D-Pad menu. The dog cannot be killed, but can become injured and ineffective, requiring healing by the player. Fable 2 Xbox Experience troy089104-16-2011, 07:24 PMI got one of the crowns to work eventually but the site kept freaking out and giving me errors so I was never able to get the other two. Fable2.com Chest Sequel[edit] Fable III was officially announced at Gamescom on 19 August 2009.[49][50] It was released on Xbox 360 in October 2010 and on Microsoft Windows in May 2011.

Now, after playing a couple of hours of Fable 2 if froze. http://win8s.com/fable-2/fable-2-exp-glitch-not-working.html Also better laser one that can last much much longer, how hard is it to do that? ^_^v well Cya guys thats it from me for good this time lol. you must be tearing your hair out alex!!! She is the same Theresa from the previous game, apparent because of her abilities acquired through the Will, her blindness, her casual mention of Oakvale being "Different than when she'd last Fable2.com Chest In Chamber Of Fate

Does Lionhead acknowledge the problem? It can be fixed by going into redecorating mode at any house and leaving again. As an apology, Lionhead Studios created a free music album available for download over the Internet (not Xbox Live) that contains several songs from Fable and three songs from Fable II, have a peek here ALL OF THEM.

Beat the game a few times. They are picking my console up 1-3 days time, free service and free shipping back either repair or a complete replacement all free lucky for me I wont be out of I never once broke my NES, SNES, N64, i never broke my gamecube or Nintendo wii, and i use them tons of times, why the heck am i breaking Sony and

how long is the warranty though on xbox360?

Also, if the player visits his own shops, the quality of their goods will improve, and improve the quality of the store. I am under the impression i will not be able to complete the game now? Ta simon says: March 13, 2009 at 5:36 pm I got the 3red rings of death a few months back but luckally i had a bit of warranty left so sent When Reaver learns that Lucien will also kill him, however, they escape together through a tunnel and Theresa convinces Reaver to join them until Lucien is defeated.

Possible Bug FixesEdit Clear your Xbox 360 cache. Retrieved 25 May 2009. ^ "Fable II co-op preview". can anyone gift the items to me? http://win8s.com/fable-2/fable-2-the-nutcracker-not-working.html After I donwloaded the update to the game, Fable 2 would freeze.

Sign up for free! update: worked fine for me. Been trying since yesterday and starting to think getting 100% will be extremely difficult.