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Facebook On Blackberry Not Working


Blackberry 10 is on life support.. We've seen a lot of commentary on our BBM Channel, so we wanted to clarify and reiterate the statements made by BlackBerry which should hopefully clear the air on who ultimately I got older version of Facebook because of you. We can still use Facebook, Twitter or another android app if we want, in a different way of course...and the real reason I have my solid rock and kick *** Q10, Source

Share on Facebook Reader comments Facebook for BlackBerry 10 has been updated, but you're not going to like it 800 Comments View All Comments Log In to Comment Register Sort by The experience will be slightly different, but you’ll still get the same Facebook features you love (see right). I won't by the Priv. But hey, we already knew that Facebook can't be trusted.

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Hire Cobalt if you have to!! Something is really wrong with BlackBerry because I think what really happened was that they did not want maintain the application anymore. It's Android or IOS if you want a device that gets regular updates and a platform that won't die in 2 years. 0 8 months ago Reply HedoBum Meh....Facebook app hasn't So just don't upgrade to the html one.

i am NEVER buying another blackerry smartphone as long as i live. Will that simply become nothing more than a browser link as well, because that's easier than updating the app? What's happening with? Blackberry Facebook App Problems 2016 Big deal, I'll just keep the old version, right?

BlackBerry 10 smartphones will no longer have the ability to share items like pictures and videos directly to Facebook using the Share icon. But no Facebook Live "( Nisar Thanks for solving the problem. Especially because Chrome can send you FB notifications. We fought back to work with WhatsApp and Facebook to change their minds, but at this time, their decision stands (but let them know how you feel on social media, using

We already had that choice but we don't use it, and you decide for us and force us to go to the useless facebook browser? Facebook For Blackberry Old Version And the phones are nice and do last... Posted via CB10 0 7 months ago Reply mawil1013 Has anyone been able to determine what this means about if any version of fb or face10 will work at end of Despite BlackBerry's attempts to clarify the issues by releasing statments on the Inside Blogs site, many consumers and developers alike are left confused on the subject.

Blackberry Facebook App Problems

Posted via CB10 0 7 months ago Reply Me_Luv_U Deleted FB App...it's useless like "ueue" in "queue" when it's opening in browser. A simple example for me is the music app, you mean to tell me that I can't even browse by folders within my music app to play something.... Facebook For Blackberry 10 Download Best device in the world, But cmon people. Facebook For Blackberry 10 Apk If Android is indeed the way out, BlackBerry would be the last I'd trust anymore (unless they can compete with Samsung in terms of Hardware and pricing. **** the Priv costs

does your OS allow me to do what I want? http://win8s.com/facebook-for/facebook-for-blackberry-not-working.html Downloaded and installed the APK of FB version (Facebook 2014). Tried ot like 5 times. Database Licensing . Facebook For Blackberry 10 Not Working

I will not use Apple because I don't like their overbearing "our way or the highway" approach. I'm MongezaurioBerry 0 8 months ago Reply kermit3 It really sucks.... Posted via CB10 0 7 months ago Reply sm88 But I could just go to google or save a home page. have a peek here Vitaly Last week I brought new Silver Edition and download BerryFlow.

It's all to bad really.. Facebook Blackberry Download For near real time notifications, you can set up SMS or E-mail notifications on the FaceBook website: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=notifications Why does Android and iOS continue to have a native application, but not BlackBerry?  BB10 still king! 0 8 months ago Reply craigdh1 I bet it done to try a force BB10 users to use priv... **** BlackBerry I'll buy an Google phone before I

Would you rather they use those api's illegally?

There are tons of Android phones available with more quality than BlackBerry Posted via CB10 0 8 months ago Reply hpoop I already barely use FB because I don't care about Not bothered with it. It is strongly recommended that users update to this version, as older versions of Facebook will stop working on March 31, 2016."-BlackBerry App WorldWhy is this happening? Facebook For Blackberry Latest Version Frequently Asked Questions Why has my Facebook app stopped working?

Flying the BB10 flag with the wonderful Z30 0 8 months ago Reply k8bushlover Does the Priv still have Facebook? Stay away from Junkroid on Steroids!! 0 7 months ago Reply JustUgochukwu March 31st 6:32 am Nigerian time. Because, the passport is the best thing I have ever seen in the smartphone industry. Check This Out Related in N E W S N E W S BlackBerry Partnership to Bring DTEK Smartphones to World’s Fastest-Growing Smartphone Market BlackBerryCentral Nov 09, 2016 Comments Tags: DTEK India Connect: BlackBerry

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android 0 8 months ago Reply robdob123 I would suspect the face 10 app will also stop working as it must also be using the Ability to reply to comments and see replies to comments. Now I can't share from websites or my pictures? But the issue here is not only the disappointment and inconvenience of those people among BlackBerry customers who made use of and relied on the BB10 native app (and by the

BlackBerry is moving away from creating apps for BlackBerry 10 and they are giving up on it. As always, we all knew Facebook is kinda jerk when come to supporting 3rd party Facebook developer. Posted via CB10 0 7 months ago Reply Anthony_2u Just tell us to get the Priv wish I'll be getting Posted via CB10 0 7 months ago Reply JRA67 I've posted I still get notifications as of today.

Is this done to try and get people to stop using BB10 bc this update is really upsetting a lot of users. They do what's necessary to give them benefit... Really miss FB in my Hub.. Epic fail from the company and of course Chen.

Enough is enough. Posted via CB10 0 8 months ago Reply saluss I think Facebook is generally taking a rivalry against Blackberry for some reason.