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Ford Ka Brakes Not Working Properly


I might just put a new wheel cylinder in tomorrow for the sake of it. Bleed the brake system. 12. One day they will be fine and another day they are very bad. Infact they can be harder than any other car I myself have worked on. navigate here

How about taking it to an MOT station for a roller brake test. To rectify these problems: 1. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites MattDRX    435 Ford Enthusiast True Ford Enthusiast 435 2,200 posts Name: Matthew Ford Model: S2000 Ford Year: Non UK/Ireland Location: Is this acceptable No.

Ford Ka Spongy Brakes

Install a longer power steering high pressure line to reduce the noise level. When th...Verified for the Ford Fusion40 reportsHarsh or Delayed Shifting of Automatic TransmissionThe automatic transmission may develop shifting concerns. Personally i think the discs wouldnt be on sale if they crack easily as there would be one hell of a lawsuit on somebodys hands even cheap ones have to be I have done the following: - Blead through all 4 brakes (used half a bottle of fluid).

Exactly the same dealers said it was like that on them all etc so I just thought nothing of it.I've just bought a ST and the brakes are obviously miles better A typical modern specimen is of the composite variety--aluminum with a plastic reservoir--but iron 1-piece units are still around on older vehicles. Perhaps the latter is the root cause, they just don't have enough experienced technicians who understand what they are looking at when viewing OBD data. The solution is to fit a revised sensor wiring loom and connector.

Difficulty level 4 Idle speed control valve (ISCV) Problem: This problem leads to stalling at junctions and rough idling. Ford Ka Brakes Poor At the very least, clean the star-wheel threads and treat them to a coating of antiseize compound.There's another factor that's usually not recognized: drivers who never stop aggressively enough in Reverse This software program covers topics that are often NOT included in a typical shop manual or book, like how the various brake components work, how to diagnose and troubleshoot common brake Goes into shop 2 wks and will see if Ford fixes problem or I sell it first!

In reality I do it over 4 times to make absolutely sure.Only then reattach the brake unions when the fluid is *pouring* out over your hands as you attach the unions. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmn...qpXEZMGnJHf3Wg Cyclone View Public Profile Visit Cyclone's homepage! If you dragged the brakes all the way down instead of using the gears to control the speed then it's possible you cooked them/boiled the fluid hence the pedal going to If you buy EBC red stuff than you can double the price of the pads.

Ford Ka Brakes Poor

The pull will be toward the side with the good brake (because it is doing all the work). This has continued and Im on the way to the repair shop, mechanic thinks it may be a master cylinder problem. Ford Ka Spongy Brakes English only. Ford Ka Brakes Grinding A rolling road test revealed the rear brakes were weak and right on the legal minimum.So as your rear brakes are weak, do you have a proper Ford master cylinder, and

Yes it is (or was last year in 2011) £185-200.Initially I bought a cheap replacement one from a motor factor shop (£60-90) thinking I was saving lots of money and how check over here Amazing how many cases are "___ v. But I haven't been able to bleed one of the brakes, as mentioned above.But after all that, I still have the exact same spongy brakes and see no reason why the If your handbrake travel is more than normal and the service brake is only efficent on the front the fault I suspect will lie with the rear brakes.You also need to Ford Ka Brake Fluid Warning Light

Well it won't be me that knows you will if it gets very noisey! Didn't say anything about whether it was handbrake or peddle.I had a look at the brakes all round.Fronts.Current Discs are 18mm thickness each. Brake fluid is a pretty effective paint remover, and it really burns when you get it in your eye. http://win8s.com/ford-ka/ford-ka-speakers-not-working.html I thought this strange, but told them to do it.

With these feet 5,142 posts 126 months [report] [news]Friday 23rd March 2012 Did you check that the rear wheel cylinders were free and that the pistons not seized?Does the pedal pump I do remember the outer bearing cone falling out at the time so I cleaned and re-graced it before putting it back in. One month later the same unit was still on sale.

I'm not a mechanic btw, I just know how the break system works from a theoretical point of view. _______ Ask yourself, what would Chuck Norris do?

The drum is aprox 60% as hot as the front disk but hard to say really. Don't want to hammer a socket on incase I can't get the socket off.Anyway, bleeding of the remaining three was successful. I then repeat the "blast" on the brake pedal again to make sure. So, change your habits and start using the parking brake every time you leave the car, and overhaul or replace those calipers if they're not just right.

If it hadnt had failed the MOT on pedal travel then the problem would naver have come to attention making the brakes vulnerable to seizure / overheating which in turn can Home     Forum Activity     News     Photos     Videos     Store     Contact Us Ford Owners Club UK © | This Website has no association with Ford Motor Company. | Especially because I would like a high end Focus RS/ST sometime.Ford won people over with cheaper prices for cars for the masses. weblink If the BRAKE WARNING LIGHT is also on, most likely the problem is a leak (though the Brake Warning light may also come on if the master cylinder reservoir has a

Register a new account Sign in Already have an account? I do often wonder whether I should make this a trading standards thing or not. Two days later brakes spongy; dash lit up; computer component indicates same area of concern; need to pay a new diagnostic fee to the dealer, because not the same one that I refuse to pay for replacement as I believe it is a factory defect Upvote (30)Flag inappropriate2010 Ford Fusion 80,000 mi, VisitorMy left rear tire started grinding.

I know I?m a newbie but I have just successfully changed two suspension coils on the KA today so in return for the advice I will post a ?How too? Other times they can be virtually impossible to sort out.I discovered this:-This "impossible to get an effective brake pedal" despite intense amounts of "bleeding" and flushing through the system,sometimes using nearly Also check the wiring harness for the PCM in the engine bay is sealed correctly. Also make sure the adjusters are ok and if need be remove them, clean them and refit.

Have e/mail refusing any responsibility or help.In Town: After repair, drove on hwy and to my hometown. Oh I will be sticking to my guns. Keep stroking until there's no more evidence of air at the ports and tube tips.If the car has a replacement cylinder that somebody didn't bench bleed, you might be able to I left if to the self adjusting ratchet, as I could hear the ratchet working away as I stood on the brakes.

Little turns/nips out on the valves on this car (well my one) just doesn't seem to do the trick. My gut instinct from the problems and remedies that you have had of late is that the bearing will be the most likely suspect. Sign In Now Sign in to follow this Followers 11 Go To Topic Listing Ford Fiesta Club Latest Posts Home Ford Models Ford Fiesta Club Fiesta Brake Problem Spongy And Low Bench bleed a master cylinder to get air out before installing it into the vehicle.How It Works: The Dual Master Cylinder Whether you call it the dual, split or tandem master

Once again, you can see what you're getting, and you don't have to keep climbing into the seat to pump the pedal.You should also be aware of special procedures.