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Frames Not Working In Ie7


I have a domain name of "www.mycompany.com", which is HTTP. In the second page, ISCROSSCHX is always false since there is no body tag and hence the requestGetMrn bindExtensionEvent is never bound and cannot receive the request to call the message All rights reserved. So ignore any of the workflow/logic I explained/used in the original extension. his comment is here

Code ladder, Robbers Should I have doubts if the organizers of a workshop ask me to sign a behavior agreement upfront? When I try to use $("[name=frame_name]") or something similar, it may work, but I can't access the .document like $("[name=frame_name]")[0].document.getElementById("element_id") or even like $($("[name=frame_name]")[0].document).find("#element_id") What's weird is if I use the The extension Id 2. Why is looping over find's output bad practice?

Internet Explorer 11 Frames Problem

I managed to reproduce the problem and I believe it's an IE7 issue and has nothing to do with the Crossrider framework. Here's the results from the Extension that I get in IE7: window.frames["IDXBanner_Common"] -> undefined $(window.frames["IDXBanner_Common"]).length -> 0 $("[name='IDXBanner_Common']").length -> 1 $("[name='IDXBanner_Common']")[0].tagName -> "FRAME" $("[name='IDXBanner_Common']")[0].document -> [object] $("[name='IDXBanner_Common']")[0].document.body.innerHTML -> FRAME src="/cxweb/asfake/frame" name=IDXBanner_Common $("[name='IDXBanner_Common']")[0].document.getElementById("MainTr") -> null $($("[name='IDXBanner_Common']")[0].document).length -> 1 $($("[name='IDXBanner_Common']")[0].document).find("#MainTr").length -> 0 BUT, You'll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved Hello Ian: Your extension doesn't do anything in IE9 either, other than display the initial debug message: ##########EXTENSION: my_tab_id=C4DE3C2E-529B-4B59-99F9-66499DB8CEFB, ISCROSSCHX=true, ISALLSCRIPTS=false Looking at the code, I can

Add Image I'm e.g. Why is looping over find's output bad practice? Unfortunately, this DOM contains elements (not frames["writer"].document.body.innerHTML = "some html..."; share|improve this answer answered Jan 21 '09 at 18:33 jishi 15.4k43459 I was just getting ready to suggest

Not the answer you're looking for? Early vs Earlier Overstay as a minor in USA. The user believes they are at one domain, and you are "secretly" using their credentials at another domain. (even if you aren't trying to be shady... If you still encounter any problems, I'm here to help.