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File Sharing Not Working Between Windows 7 And Xp


Basically, in incorrect Firewall setup will not allow other computers on the Network to gain access to a computer with the incorrect Firewall Option selected. October 3, 2009 Frienel This will only share the contents of the "public" folder. We are still getting invalid password error messages. They are translated into more than 12 languages. Check This Out

July 13, 2009 sudz These instructions were very helpful, thank you! Thanks. We have Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, Linux, Solaris, and other OS's that require connections from Windows. These are all happily visible between the 2 windows 7 machines.

How To Share Files Between Windows 7 And Xp

Step 4: Access Shared Files and Folders To access the shared files and folders from the Windows XP computers, go to 'My Computer -> My Network Places -> View workgroup computers'. If you want to be technical about it, if both machines are communicating through a router then technically thats not Ad-Hoc but I always think of Ad-Hoc as being "not on December 10, 2009 Chris Great Tutorial, I only had two problems. 1. Jimmy,I don't take part in any naming conversations so I couldn't tell you!

http://www.google.com/search?q=Tanner+Williamson P. Read more here about enabling ping reply in windows XP.Share file and printers from XP to windows 7.After making windows 7 network with XP by checking the networking connectivity, make sure I am trying to share a Canon MP 780 from a Windows 7 64 bit computer with a Windows XP Home/Media laptop (32 bit). Windows Xp Cannot Access Windows 7 Share This is all just a big mess, at least for the HP deskjet 5550 series and HP's latest drivers, etc.

I figured out that the trouble was being caused by Symantec. Disabling the security features in this tutorial will NOT compromise your machines security on the internet. Have a Windows 7 laptop trying to connect to a printer on my XP desktop, but so far the laptop doesn't even know the desktop exists. December 12, 2009 B It worked thanks December 12, 2009 Leonid A lot of thanks!

Tanner Williamson @CA1242, There is a registry tweak you'll need to enter manually in order to do it. Connect Xp To Windows 7 Homegroup How can I solve that ? Loading... I was going crazy trying to fix this issue.

Network Windows 7 And Xp Computers Together

Top comments sdkluber Ok, so here's my deal. However, I'm having an issue with the step "If your XP machine is an x86 OS you can install Additional Drivers before setting up the XP machine." When I attempt to How To Share Files Between Windows 7 And Xp Description: Win 7 Professional trying to connect to a Synology 110J through mapped drives. How To Share Printer In Windows Xp To Windows 7 Why isn't it this simple on the Windows website?

This allows you to not have to enter credentials every time on your local machine when going over the network.As a note, these settings are for more experienced users (like I his comment is here I tried researching to see if anything was published but nothing was until today. Does anyone have any advanced information or experience accessing an Apple 10.5.* SMB based shares through Windows 7 64-Bit? September 27, 2009 butcher99 no go for me. How To Connect Windows Xp To Windows 7 Via Lan

A few points: Tony Better way to access powershell for Windows 10 and 8.1: Scared Wife I wanted to get rid of my husband's USB drive because of all of the the win 7 machine cannot access the xp pro files , though xp machine can see files of win 7 machine.. I am the co-founder of Digital Citizen and its chief editor. http://win8s.com/windows-7/file-search-not-working-windows-7.html Click on the “Share this printer” radio button and name your printer as well as click the “Render print jobs on client computers” radio button.

Any help very gratefully received. How To Share Printer In Windows Xp To Windows 7 64 Bit the win7 connecting to winxp is what i would call "reverse compatible" with older oses May 24, 2009 Mike Hutchinson My XP laptop simply tells me I do not have authority c) before exiting the properties screen make a note of the network path (in my case this is \\Martin-PC\Picures\Tutorial\Shared Click Ok etc.

Thankfully I only have to do once, I can print as many times as I want once I enter the Win7 PC.

Then select that port for this printer and print a test page. The upcoming guide will specifically address multiple angles on troubleshooting and resolving this issue with specific instructions for each of the potential fixes. http://www.google.com/search?q=Tanner+Williamson P. Connect Windows 7 To Xp Workgroup Got a new windows 7 desktop.

This allows you to log any errors or access to files and their preferences.“Configure Folder options preference logging and tracing”Set to enabled and turn tracing off. and there you go, your Windows 7 machine is set up for sharing. Conclusion: The firmware might be part of the trick, but I cannot care less anymore since the drives stay mapped after reboot. navigate here Leonardo Villegas A.

The troubleshooter has no idea what the problem is. But as for now, I go "map network drive" and map the drive manually, i.e. November 5, 2009 Abdullah Thanks for this great tutorial For those who dont have password, Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\local security policy then local policies\security option disable "Accounts: Administrator account status" I may have found a solution, but it will require testing.

I like vista better than windows 7 Problem File sharing between Win 7 Pro x64 and IMac Enter Network Password, eventhough Password Protected Sharing is off Printer Sharing Windows 7 64 Download from the printer manufacturers website, all operating system specific versions of the drivers for that printer. For those who may have a problem (as I did) with completing the printer setup (basically windows 7 refused to recognise the driver for the xp machine) the following two links everythin works fine.

So, we have to do some work around to enable printer and file sharing in windows 7.Before stat file sharing , make sure both computers are connected properly by running ping command.Read Is there anyway to use the printer with Windows 7, I am told there are no drivers available for Windows 7. I'm no novice at this, having successfully set up networks with MACs & PCs since Windows NT4, but this is ludicrous. December 8, 2009 john i have problem ..

To simplify things, it can be a good idea to turn off password protected sharing for the network location you are currently using. By default, Windows Seven comes pre-configured to only communicate with other file sharing clients and servers which are also using the new beefed-up and more secure version of the Samba file May 30, 2009 bill I want to share the HP officejet G series the windows 7 does not have a driver XP does - does other way work somehow? I only have My Web Sites on MSN.

but my lap with W7 cannot find the XP PC. The following error message I got when tried to access from windows xp computer.Still, we can enable file and printer sharing in windows 7 when network location is set as ‘Public November 28, 2009 Mark the XP is an administrator signon So I activated the Windows 7 Administrator account with the same password as the XP machine because I read both machines Transcript The interactive transcript could not be loaded.

I currently have a kodak esp5 printer on an xp machine and could not for the life of me get my windows 7 laptop use the printer.